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Black Nazis, or black national socialists is a website dedicated to the preservation of facts in history, and the growth of National Socialism, the only political system proven to work without stealing the natural resources of another country.

There has been a relentless attack for the last 70 years with a wave of brainwashing in video games, television, schools, basically the whole fabric of society to demonize and turn people away from the truth. It’s the world of racist Jews.

This website will clear the confusion in due time. It’s a new website and will take time to post all work. In the mean time I’m open to round table discussions, debates, as well as joint investigations.

If you strongly dis-agree do not be a coward.

Any questions, suggestions contact me at Jewspiracy@gmail.com

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  1. Hello.

    Long post, but it needs to come out… Sorry.

    I’m glad I found your weblog. While I disagree with some of your political views I’m glad you exposed Andrew Anglin. This needs to be done, properly, as you have done. Not, just a rant by someone offended by his racism or “anti-semitism” (sic).
    I would like to offer some additional information vis-à-vis Andre’s journey to becoming Jewsish controlled opposition.

    I was a member of the Outlaw forum, witnessed Andre’s “transformation”, and his selling out phase. His transformation went from “we need to embraces racial diversity” to “pro-white Trump pimping fake neo-nazi alt–right propaganda. I remember his days of living in the Philippine’s dating young girls, pimping the jungle native lifestyle, telling everyone that the solution to the world is to revert back to the old ways.
    Then, as you pointed out, he was enamored by the blacks claiming the white man was the evil of the world. He got a serious ass whoop from Iconoclast and things got strange on the forum.

    I did an interview with him where he explains his old world views. It can be found here. The sound is terrible and interview is long and boring, but worth listening if you want to know more about his transformation. Note: he does not know this audio is online so grab it before his Jew friends have it pulled:


    Now. Regarding the strange forum stuff that led to Andre’s new life as a shill… I goes like this:

    One day, a new member appeared on the forum. This member registered with the name Alan Watt. I kid you not not! This Alan Watt member was claiming to be the real Alan Watt (rolling eyes). Anyway, Alan (let’s call him that for practical reasons) was claiming he was going to sue and shut down the Outlaw forum for defamation, because of the piece Matt wrote regarding Alain Watt stealing Glen Kealey stuff (i.e. book material). Well, that is an entire story on its own, because my research shows that Glen stole some of his stuff from some Masonic literature. Do we really need to use the word “stole” you think? I digress…

    For a few weeks there was heated exchanges between this Alan Watt member and Andre, along with other members call the bulls*t. But the strange things is that Andre began to believe that this was the real Alan Watt. How did it all end? Well… Alan offered Andre some money to “buy” the forum, which Andre accepted. At least this is what unfolded on the surface of things. So, the website was pulled down and we were like “WTF!! We just lost all our data/conversations”.

    Then Andre stared another temporary blog which was pulled real quick making room for his DailySh*tStorm. Andre was bought and paid for, which is what he’d been wanting all along. Making money sitting on his ass directing the minds of others…

    Next, regarding his shilling view that you have not talked about, you may profoundly disagree with me, but his “racist” views serve three main purposes: 1) continue the lie that Jews are a race, and 2) the white man is evil of this world, 3) justify the need and continuation for the lucrative ($) social engineering business of the Anti-Defamation League and all other similar organizations). This is the agenda Andre is paid for by the Zionist Jews. In reality he is hurting all “races” except the Jews, if you can look past his potty mouth and stupid comments.

    Here is where you may disagree with me: Jewish in NOT a race. It is nonsensical to believe that all these “people” come from Moses descendants that escaped the evil Egyptians, crossing the desert, etc. This is a fictitious story from a book designed to put in place a control system with some brainwashed people believe they are the “chosen” one to be in charge of the world. It’s all a lie! There is no genetic proof only scientific quackery sold as proof by pseudo-scientist and media that don’t have a clue how to conduct good science. Never mind all those that converted to Judaism; those Ashkenazi parading as Jews, but really practicing another religion all together. Heck, if the ADL or the control system wanted the DailySh*tStorm to be taken down it would. But no, they need it in place…

    These “jews” are indeed “the chosen ones”! But not chosen by this thing people believe to be a benevolant God Creator. They are chosen by the wicked control system, which is this thing people call God / the fake sick and twisted social engineer…
    Andre is too smart to be playing the fool. No doubt he is in on the Jew money action. Shame on him… The sad part is that some Latinos and Blacks will fall for Andre’s propaganda and think that “the white race” is sick and evil. And while I don’t denounce that most white people are sick and perverted (i.e have been jewafied) they are just acting out mental programs. Since we cannot properly distinguish and out the true puppeteer, it would be useful for these Latinos and Black to know that the “jewish mindset” is at work here, and that some are programmed more than others (i.e. those how proudly claim to be Jews (scapegoats) and those fake-Jews who are given the ticket to rule the surface of things).

    Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Whites should not be dived themselves and fight against each other. This is exactly what the sh*tstem wants with people like Andre.

    There are no races, mostly just different cultures being brainwashed differently, and perhaps coming out of different genetic pathways and/or manipulation. We all share one thing; we are not fully natural beings of the flesh and need to align ourselves closely with creation to remember important stuff….

    This is not a Christian apology; that too is a part of the programming…

      302-464-6889 WAITING ON THAT DEBATE!

      1. Hello Paul,

        Believe in Jesus Christ and you will be saved. You may listen to my podcast if you want available at podcast.disciplemattias.com.

        Jesus Christ is the only saviour and the only way to heaven. Nothing can save you but the blood of Jesus.

        Believe in Jesus and be saved.

    2. RD, your words here are simply put, right on the money – in every aspect. i could not have said this even 6 months ago. i continue to learn, painful as it usually is, because really, you have to admit, as you yourself have learned things along the path of your awakening, the crap going on in this world is stranger than any fiction and there are days you wish you could be a brainwashed, clueless idiot, happy to chug along in this zionist jewry controlled system, the “ignorance is bliss” way of life, one could say. unfortunately, once you fall down the hole you keep falling. some of us are lucky enough to find some people to fall down the hole with us, so we have other people to talk about this mind-numbing EVIL shit with, but others are not so fortunate, like myself, where all i get is ignorant resistance.
      you have apparently done a lot of research and seem to hit on all of the pertinent areas. i am proud of myself to have learned enough at this point to be able to understand everything you say in your posting – i don’t care how silly that may sound. i don’t think i was ever fully brainwashed to the extent others have been. i found myself resisting mainstream EVERYTHING by the time i hit my stride in late 20s, a couple years before 9/11/01 – i am 47.
      it’s been a confusing time for me & this stuff gets to be depressing if you are not lucky enough to be engaged in some kind of action aspiring to make a difference. I can’t sit on my hands so i do the only thing i can do right now, which is to research, research, research, and update my stuff and go through and weed out the garbage. i don’t have anyone mentoring me here on how to get the best info, it is a lot of trial and error and more than anything, trusting your gut instinct on what you believe to be right and what you believe is bullshit. i am naive still i’m sure, and i probably had some bad sources for a time, but eventually came to see this & corrected myself.
      i find i am so sickened by so much of what i have learned that some days i feel traumatized and ANGRY as hell that we got hijacked SO LONG AGO – none of us were given a choice here. on any given day, i think more than the zionist jew, i hate the bought and paid for goy shill, more than happy to do the Jews bidding in the most evil and corrupt ways imaginable, helping the jew to carry out his agenda, because the jew could not have had the success he has without the help of the puppet gentiles – and some of those families are almost as powerful in their own rights, like the Bush family, and those are some evil gentile bastards who are almost as guilty as the jew as far as being the worst thing to ever happen to the usa. i would say the roosevelts, too. but i read in many places the roosevelts were part jew somewhere down the line.
      anyway, it gave me some hope to read your posting. i fully agreed and know i am not crazy in how i feel about and see things, based on what i have learned and continue to learn. i just can’t wait to be in a position to actually be able to make a difference in some small way before i leave this Jew destroyed dump of a world we are living in.

  2. Hello Paul,

    If you havent yyet believed on Jesus Christ now is the time.

    So if you havent, pray with me,

    I believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, that he shed his blood for my sins, that it was paid in full and that he then was buried and resurrected on the third day in the body.

    I trust in what Jesus Christ has done for me.

    As a free gift you will receive eternal life and you will be sealed by the holy spirit until the day of redemption.

    God bless you brother

    Then if you want visit my site at http://jesuskristus.eu.

  3. You don’t want a debate…you just want people to shut up and believe that everything you say is the “only” truth.

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