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Black Nazis, or black national socialists is a website dedicated to the preservation of facts in history.

Like the fact that there were 40,000 black citizens of Nazi Germany, and not one was put in the concentration camps, or lynched like in the United States for four hundred years.
This website is also showing the hidden history that the Jew controlled media is keeping from the world with their degenerate Bewitching media.

The victims of this brainwashing have a been lied to about many important matters, but the holocaust is the Jews ways to directly trick you into never figuring out, what happened in WW2, and why the Whole of Germany figured out “IT’S THE JEWS”.


Example: Black citizens of Germany volunteered for the German military, and unlike the blacks that were in the United States Military were not segregated from the white soldiers.

That is just one of many realities.

The growth of National Socialism, and the fact it’s the only political system proven to work without stealing the natural resources of another country.

Capitalism and Communism is the same Jew made coin, just different sides.

There has been a relentless attack for the last 70 plus years with a wave of brainwashing of the Jews unsuspecting victims in video games, television, schools, basically the whole fabric of society to demonize and turn people away from the ability to realize how the Jews prey on the non Jew, and how the Jew deflects their plots on to other ethnic groups to have them fight, and war themselves into destruction.

The Jews chose to, and say that they are not like you, Superior to you. “Gods Chosen” if you buy/believe that satanic lie.  That’s not what Jesus said. John 8:44-45, or hundreds of world leaders.

This website will clear the confusion in due time. It’s a new website and will take time to post all work. In the mean time I’m open to round table discussions, debates, as well as joint investigations.

If you strongly dis-agree do not be a coward.

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