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Jewish Blood Libel Satanic Rituals Are Real

Fair warning, this is a lot to take in, and it’s still fresh to me, so it’s not as neat and tidy as I’d like, but it’s too compelling to keep to myself.

Backstory: I love Browning’s poems, and years ago, I wanted to understand one called Porphyria’s Lover. I looked into it, and found the disease in the poem, porphyria, or the Royal Disease, has a huge incidence among Ashkenazi Jews, as do a huge number of other genetic disordersPNG. The historic cure for porphyria was drinking blood. From there, I found this disease called Tay-Sachs which only affects them, and there is no cure, but thought nothing of it.

Years after finding that, I read a novel that had a character with Tay-Sachs, who was taken from her family to be with people who cured her with blood, and it was written in a way that I have come to associate with hidden meaning – not to mention the link between porphyria, blood drinking, and Tay-Sachs – so I looked in earnest in to Tay-Sachs, and it turns out that there is a cure, only to be found in Israel, and the kids who are diagnosed with the disease are taken from their families to Israel to get treatment. It’s hard as hell to find what that treatment is, but…. It’s blood, and marrow. It has been cured with a transfusion of pure umbilical blood, a full replacement of all blood within the child, though historically, it was done through, again, bibens sanguinum (which is the Hebrew translation of the word “Damascus”, because it was where Cain slayed Abel), or literally, drinking blood, done every so often. This has been a theme since Canaanites came into existence.

Ok so, yeah, I’m a crazy person, right? I have to be making this up, and no one else in historyJPG might have stumbled upon this imagined trail of bread crumbs. Turns out that the time in which Jews migrated to Europe, there also happened to arise the mythos of vampirism. You can escape a vampire if you drop a coin on the ground. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was a Jew. Elizabeth Bathory was a Jew. Motzah balls, traditional ones served at passover, call for the blood of gentile children, and it is a well-kept secret that this practice continues in some circles todayYouTube. Hemophilia (love of blood) is a typically Ashkenazi disease (Factor XI deficiency).

I should say that I don’t think all Ashkenazi are literally vampires, but that the myth of vampirism arose from them. Speaking of, look at Marina Abramovic, the Spirit Cooking lady. She’s fucking 70. She is quite obviously a Jew, but her wikipedia page has been scrubbed of any mention of her heritage, though it still lists it in search engines

From there, I found out about “blood libel” and that Ashkenazi Jews have been responsible for the Jews expulsion from 350+PNG nations over the past few hundred years. 100+ of those were for blood ritualsPNG involving the murder of gentile male Christian children under the age of 7JPG (NSFL)…………………………… Here’s a very suppressed book, written by a Rabbi, chronicling the history of Jewish blood ritual.

If the Ashkenazi don’t interbreed with the races around them, their DNA breaks down within 3 generations, as if there were no “glue” to hold them together, but also, it seems to me, in a symbolic sense, that there is no growth, no evolution, no negentropy. It seems they are always dying, never growing.

The kicker is that these Jews, the evil ones who engage in this practice, are not even Jews, and it has been proven. You won’t find anything but the typical apologetics that occur when an individual or group accidentally expose them, but the popular genetics website 23andme concluded the link between the Ashkenazi and the Khazars, who are Caucasian Babylonian Talmudic practitioners who infiltrated and took over Judaism. This renders their claim to Israel moot, and proves that the Jews who appear white are Jews in name only. Those same Jews are the ones who infiltrate positions of powerJPG in order to pervert them.

Just.. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. I know what it sounds like, but I think that there might be people without the inborn life-giving spirit of God, who must then steal it from others, and who use God’s “chosen” people to hide behind (I know many very good Jews).. The bible speaks of Satan and his host being cast to earth in the form of man, during which time they mated with man and created the Nephilim, or “golems” as some call them. Many Rabbis say this themselvesYouTube. (<—- WATCH THAT)

So yeah ok just typing that out makes me feel bad, but I got here from a love of Browning’s poetry, and I did not want to believe this at all. I just sat down and did my research, and it’s by no means complete, but here are the threads I’m trying to tie together. There’s so much, and it’s seemingly been a fascination with great artists and heads of state and authors throughout history, yet we have never heard of it.. Benjamin Franklin said something like “Gentlemen, were we to gift the Jew with Palestine, they would immediately conjure reasons for not returning, for they are a race of vampires, and they cannot feed among themselves.” He was talking about their economic and social proclivities, but I use it to suggest that they mythos of vampirism is linked with Jewishness, or, derogatory perceptions of Jewishness.

So, there it all is. I don’t know what to do with it, but there it is.

I posted this to /r/judaism. It was actually not badly received, or at least, not as badly as I expected. Then the mods banned me and locked the post.