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Iconoclast Radio – Clearing The Planet

Iconoclast Radio – with Caribbean Pirate. Earth In Crisis

Iconoclast Radio – With Luca. 21st Century Survival

Iconoclast Radio – Joined by Nino 260 & Delcroix

Iconoclast Radio – Mega Shills Block Buster

Iconoclast Radio – Round Table With The Mad Shangi and Yeti of concen.org

Iconoclast Radio – Creations Enigma

Iconoclast Radio- Calls Rings Radio



2011-01-29 Iconoclast Radio – Interviews Yeti of Concen.org



Iconoclast Radio – Vyzygoth is a piece of shit

Iconoclast opens the show up by speaking briefly on the AZ shooter Jared Lee Loughner and how the alternative media is becoming more like the mainstream media.  Iconoclast warns the cult members that support these supposed leaders in the movement are setting them up for the kill and how following people like: David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Alan Watt, Celtic Rebel, Glen Kealey, Ted Gunderson, etc., will lead to their death.

Iconoclast talks briefly about Erza Pound. An American expatriate and poet and how he was locked up in a mental institution for speaking out against the U.S., President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the Jews and was arrested for treason by American troops.

Iconoclast addresses the statements being made in the mainstream media about people who believe in certain conspiracy theories being labeled as mentally disturbed and he agrees with that statement as far as some of the conspiracies go, and challenges anyone who thinks differently to come on to the show and debate him on it.

UFC Fight For The Troops 2 is discussed. Is the UFC  is being used to recruit people who are into MMA into the military?  Iconoclast breaks down how the UFC is a corrupt organization and how now that they are being backed by the U.S. military, that all of the dirty dealings of the UFC will be swept under the rug. Plus some other points on the UFC and Zuffa organizations.

Iconoclast questions why people in America claim that this is the best country in the world. Also discussed it the imperialistic attitude of the United States government and the people who still support the Iraq war either by joining the military to go and kill innocent people who are just trying to survive in their own country, or by still believing the lies told to them in 2003 about how we had to go to Iraq because they had WMD’s here we are almost 8 years later, still no WMD’s, but there are people who still think our military is there because they are fighting for our freedoms, and not just to rob people of there freedoms and natural resources.

Iconoclast challenges Celtic Rebel’s cult members to get Celtic Rebel to come on to the Iconoclast Radio Show. Taras Bulba wants his $40.00 back that he donated to the show, get the!  Iconoclast talks about the Baphomet trend being pushed in Hollywood, and how people want to emulate the celebrity lifestyle, and externalization of the hierarchy.

Iconoclast also talks about trans-humanism and self-mutilation. How we are supposedly going to be turning in to cyborgs at some point.  Iconoclast also covers the return of Jean Claude DuValier to Haiti and questions why after all of these years he is just now being prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Iconoclast Radio is always looking for listener support, whether it be in the form of a donation, linking to his website, linking to his podcast, help with Adobe Photoshop, whatever anyone can do to help improve the show and spread the word about the show is greatly appreciated.  Iconoclast discusses the possibility of T-shirts coming in the near future.  With your continued support we can make it happen!

Iconoclast Radio Responding To The Mentally Ill


Iconoclast Radio – The Serial Killer Network Part 2

Iconoclast Radio – The Serial Killer Network Part 1

Icon continues his investigation in the serial killer networks in this broadcast. Iconoclast is joined by Johnathan from the Netherlands to continue their discussion on the Jewish serial killer phenomena that is prevalent throughout the United States.  Iconoclast and Johnathan discuss the theory about Jared Lee Loughner (another 3 names killer) the AZ shooter being a Satan worshiper, and the possibility of a Jewish connection. Was he a lone gunman or did he have help? Many questions are still left to be answered about this case.

Iconoclast and Johnathan discuss the case of Richard Ramirez a.k.a The Night Stalker. Iconoclast talks about the one female serial killer from the Netherlands, Maria Swanenburg who was suspected of poisoning over 100 people in the 1880’s in the town of Leiden in the Netherlands.

Iconoclast and Johnathan question why America has the highest amount of serial killers out of any other country in the world.  Is it because we have freedoms? Is there a government connection?  Also discussed is the layout of Washington D.C. and the hidden symbolism carved into buildings throughout Washington, D.C.  Iconoclast speaks about his discussion with the historic librarian of the Statue Of Liberty and the possibility of a Satanic Ritual being performed around the statue.  Iconoclast briefly discusses France and the book & movie The Da Vinci Code.

Iconoclast and Johnathan discuss Jewish serial killers Fred and Rosemary West from the United Kingdom along with Peter William Sutcliffe a.k.a. The Yorkshire Ripper who was convicted of murdering 13 women during the 1980’s.  Also discussed is the McMartin preschool sexual abuse case.  The Columbine High School Massacre and “The Unibomber” Jew Ted Kaczynski are touched upon, are these type of people mind-controlled slaves programmed by the government?

Many more serial killers are discussed in this broadcast.  Plus many more unanswered questions as to why these people commited these heinous crimes. A big thank you to Johnathan from the Netherlands for his participation in the continuation of the Serial Killer Network series.  Thanks to all of the listeners for your support. Stay tuned for more news, information and results from the Iconoclast Radio Show.


Iconoclast Radio – Stew Webb Is A Piece of Lying Shit


Iconoclast Radio – The Evil Trail Part 3


Iconoclast Radio – The Evil Trail Part 2


Iconoclast Radio – The Evil Trail Part 1


Iconoclast Radio – Interviews Louie B Founder of We Are Change Latino

 Iconoclast Radio interviews Louie B. The Founder of “We Are Change” Latino out of Brooklyn,NY. Also the founder of “The Crotch Shot Radio Show” Tells the horror story of his experience with WAC.

  • He goes over the federal investigation he brought on Luke Rudowski The Polish Catholic Jew. Head of  “We Are Change” New York.
  • How Luke Rudowski deletes WAC Chapters around the world that exposes that Israel is behind the 911 Attacks. Example giving on the show.
  • How Louie B. was kicked out for asking about the financial Records of WAC, which
  • they say they would do in the CULTS Mission Statement and code of Conduct. Quote: Financial Statement Presented on the first meeting of every month. Detailing expenses and money.
  • How WAC is a Feel Good CULT, that is similar to the Moonies.
  • How luke is using the Organizations Money to buy drugs to support his drug habit.
  • How members of WAC are recording other members of “We Are Change” that they deem a threat to there Scam of begging for donations for Sick First Responder’s.
  • How Luke Rudowski Girlfriend Sabrina Rivera has left him holding the bag, since Louie B. took the Records to the Authorities. Luke Rudowski was fucking Sabrina is the treasure of WAC. So it’s a major conflict of interest.
  • Jan Johnson is a member of WAC and is a Man Hating Feminist out of NY. Running for Governor under the Constitution Party. That voted to kick Louie B. out of WAC for asking WAC to see the Financial Statement, Which is a reflection of how accountable she would be as Governor. So I know my listeners in NY are not stupid enough to vote for her.
  • Louie B. goes over Heather & Manny Badillo of WAC use Cointel Tactics.
  • How Manny Badillo of Wac is a liar. Tell lies to people, that telling them he has an uncle that died in the 911 WTC attacks. Louie B. exposes in his research by checking the 911 victims list that Manny doesn’t have a Uncle that died in WTC.


Iconoclast Radio – The Results Movement


Iconoclast Radio – Mr. & Mrs. Glen Kealey Round 3


Iconoclast Radio – Kealey’s Cult Fights Back Round 2


Iconoclast Radio – Glen Kealey Is A Piece Of Lying Shit


Iconoclast Radio – What Happened


Iconoclast Radio – Interviews a  Gang Stalking victim


Iconoclast Radio  interrogates Bob Tuskin : Truth  Be Told  because Iconoclast Made Him

Bob Tuskin did not want to answer questions about the radio network that belongs to a man that’s been arrested for murder, and now Bob Tuskin is telling people the radio network now belongs to him.

Iconoclast Radio With Co-host James 2012-N-More



Zacheria Sitchins


The Pyramids

The Mayans

Anceint beliefs

The meaning of “The Watchmen” Movie

History of Alex jones

The profiling of global government network

The final solution: global elites script for depopulation

How to fight against global enslavement

Swarm Intelligence

The solutions for a new Civilization

Emergency warning for the west coast of the united states

The false food shortage

Genetically modifide foods

UFC Bullshit


Iconoclast Radio Interviews Quinn Interracial dating -N-More


The self destructive behavior of the self hating negro.

Is interracial dating a product of an inferiority complex.

Why do fat white women date black Men.

Why do white women like Mandingo meat.

Why white guy date black women.

Is the Mulatto the reason why blacks have issues with their liberation.

Bill Gates Extermination Plans for Africa.

The Hatian invasion by the US.

The real Jews of Ethiopia.

Scientologist: The CIA mk-ultra mind control tools.

Who are the real jews.

Where the true history of the world is located.

Why the jews really fled Eygpt.

The complex network of Secret Societies.

The connection between Catholics and Jews.

How jews have been able to gain so much power.


Malcom X Day



Iconoclast Radio Questions Eric Hufschmid’s about his Anal Scent Gland Research

Iconoclast Radio is Joined by AHNUBIS

Iconoclast Radio proves the point, that he can out do Joe Blow at his own show, and adds another Championship Belt to his waist.

The guest is Eric Hufschimd:

We interview Eric Hufschmid about him blogging about his Anal Scent glands research.

Peggy Brabender the suspected Trans-testicle that wanted to marry Eric.

The Echo in the Anal Canal.

More you’re a jew Paranoia.

Iconoclast on the stereotype of the Lazy Pot smoker.


Iconoclast Radio Interviews Evan Long The Columbine Cause

The Columbine shooting.

Were the Columbine killers Jews?

The jews of Littleton Colorado.

Dr. Bill Deagle’s role in Columbine.

The Basement Tapes.

Who is pedophile Bill?

DJ Chronic calls and joins the discussion.

How is Dr. Deagle’s Columbine victims Mark Taylor and Donna Taylor.

Satanism’s connection to the intelligence.

BDSM psychology.

Counter Intelligence operations in the Truth Movement.

Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp two Counter intel agents that are extremely dangerous.

The Clinton Conspiracy.

The job of the FBI.

Cult Members in denial.

Knowledge vs Belief: withholding knowledge for personal gain.

Arnold Swartzeneger.

Jonestown:The jewish Conspiracy.

Origin of “The Tea party.”


Iconoclast Radio – The reality


Iconoclast Radio – The Egyptian Question


Iconoclast Radio – Listener Calls In




Clay Douglas Interviews Iconoclast Radio

How Iconoclast became a radio show host.

Iconoclast exposes the Alien Agenda

Len Horowitz exposed



Iconoclast Radio Interrogates George Green

George Green’s 20 year military service in the USAF (where he says he encountered an alien disk craft in a remote hanger at Edwards AFB)


Iconoclast Radio Interrogates Bob Fletcher

Bob Fletcher is an intelligence Psy-op informant from the 1990’s Patriot / Militia movement that also pushed Annunaki space alien cult materials to discredit patriots while making them ufo cult members at the same time.


Iconoclast Radio Interviews – Dr. Orly Taitz

Find out about this dangerous dual citizen Jewish Israeli deep state agent.

How to flow like water

My thoughts on the young man that committed suicide when university students showed video of making out with gay secret lover.

Thoughts on the mental illness of known as lesbian / gay

Secrets of the BDSM mental illness cult


Iconoclast Radio – HIV-AIDS World Extermination Program Exposed

Ebola death in the third world are really caused by people told they are positive of HIV, and are then given mass doses of HIV DRUGS. The death by HIV drugs are being covered up by telling the public the death were caused by an Ebola outbreak. I will prove below without any doubt that the HIV virus DOES NOT EXISTS, and the Ebola deaths are really mass murder using HIV DRUGS KNOWN AS “DNA CHAIN TERMINATORS“.


Iconoclast Radio Interviews Karsten MMA Analyst

What’s was better, UFC or Pride FC.

How Karsten became an MMA analyst.

Why Fedor Emelianenko is the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

The reason UFC will not implement the Yellow Card system.


Iconoclast Radio – Your Rights In Court w. James Griffith Part 2

My friend James shares his experience fight the courts .

Strawman, U.C.C.


Iconoclast Radio – Investigates Eric Hufschmid 2


  • Eric Hufschmid is suspected by some people as a dis info agent.
  • Icoconoclast uses harsh interview techniques on Eric Hufschmid to un-cover hidden secrets in “The Bollyn Mystery”.
  • Eric Hufschmid is also asked about the numerous death threats he has gotten from Daryll Bradford Smith. Smith says these threats are because Eric had the only working pass code to the website, and was posting dis-information articles on the French Connection Website. A lot of the Articles were written by Christopher Bollyn at the same time Bollyn was on radio shows talking bad about DBS. It seem to be a psych-op job, to make DBS unstable and it worked.
  • Eric Hufschmids sister is married to Rupert Murdoch Son who is aire to the FOX fortune. (Iconoclast Radio covers that.)
  • Bollyn Says Smith & Hufschmid are promoting Violence.
  • Eric Hufschmid Say`s in this interview that Dave VonKliest & Joyce Riley brought a woman that worked at a BDSM Smut Club to try and compromise Eric Hufschmid and have him get the same Monster Black Strap-on that Dave and Joyce Get.


Iconoclast Radio Interviews – Gilbert Mathew a volunteer of Dr. Sam Chachoua

He mainly talks about the 10 million dollars that the jury awarded Dr. Sam Chachoua in the Federal law suit that was overturned by the judge in the case. As well as the different ways they harassed Dr. Chochoua .


Iconoclast Radio – World Freeman Society


  • Rasta’d Out
  • Interviews President of the American Chapter of the World Freeman Society Estratius Moretes:
  • Talks about Common Law Vs Admiral Law, Declaration of Rights,
  • Black Panther Party – Fred Hampton, Bobby Seal, Bobby Hush & Revolution
  • Iconoclast Radio explains Alister Crowley Law: Do as thy wilt
  • UFC Is Going Down Hill: Talks UFC 110 &112 Dan Harding vs St-Peirre, Keith Jardine Vs Ryan Bader, Chris “Lights Out” Lytle Vs Brian Foster, Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva
  • Iconoclast Puts in his Freeman Papers
  • Dance Hall Bumper Music in this Episode
  • Iconoclast Radio apologizes to Joe Blow
  • Joe Blow: Why does he infiltrate White Power movements. Is he just a nut that is a trouble maker, or is he a jew keeping a eye on the Goy?
  • Iconoclast Radio talks eugenics
  • Pastor Tony tells these sinners how they are going to Hell, for voting for Barak Obama.


Iconoclast Radio Interviews DJ Chronic South Africa’s #1 DJ

Where is Joe Blow?

Are Aliens out there?

Where Crop Circles come from?

Hiv/ Aids Conspiracy Exposed

Military Intelligence in News Rooms

The 911 No Planer Videos

The Intelligent Class: Pioneers of New Conscience

Adderall & Retalin Pharmaceutical Drugs

Leonard Horowitz: Jewish Kabalah Witch Doctor

The Real Hiv/Aids Conspiracy

DJ Chronic talk about Jews.


Iconoclast Radio – Your Rights In Court w. James Griffith

My friend James shares his experience fight the courts .

Strawman, U.C.C.


Iconoclast Radio Interviews Anthony J. Hilder:

Iconoclast ambushes Hilder while he’s in a supermarket check out line.

Where does this guy come from.

Anthony Hilder’s connection to Myran Fagan.

The Illuminati CFR records

His trip to the Rothchild Estate in England.

Talks about the C.I.A., Cocaine Import Agency

Population Control

The American Lemmings

Does Anthony Hilder Have Coach Roaches?

Anthony Hilder plays basketball rather than visit Ted Gunderson in the hospital.

Why he keeps saying Nazi and not Jew.

Tea Baggers

See how Iconoclast Radio’s behind the scene commercial play through radio drama is so much more interesting than The Alex Jones Show’s.

Anthony Hilder Say’s He’s a Zionist with a small “Z”. “That mean he’s works undercover”

Sirhan, Mind Control & Anthony J. Hilder

The Law Suit Anthony Hilder brought against Ret.Police Detective Mike Rupert.


Iconoclast Radio James Sachowiak

We Are Change New York

James Stachowiak Exposed


Iconoclast radio Interviews – Dev Samal Deval aka John Allen Martinson Jr.

John Allen Martinson Jr, talks about the Jews poisoning the foods.

The drama and history between him and Mike Delaney.

Being a multi-Racial person

Hollywood Degenerate programing


Iconoclast Radio Interviews Clay Douglas Founder of The Free American Magazine & Thunder Rider Magazine.

Clay Douglas Founder of The Free American Magazine & Thunder Rider Magazine.

Also helped to Start Miltia’s after the Branch Davidian Church in Waco , TX. with 76 People Was Burned alive.

Military Soldiers being Chipped.

Linda Thompson producer of the film “Waco: The Big Lie”

Jews Declared War on Germany First!

Paul and Clay Douglas Laugh it up about Alex Jones

Anti-Semitism or Truth?

Israel the Rothchild Colony.

Is the Answer to the Jew in the Bible?

Liberty Villages, the solution to the Government Plantions.

Alternative Energies are here and Now.

IRS Agents Hunting Americans With Sawed off Shotguns.

Henry Ford, Hemp and the Internation Jew.

The Shooting of KC.

The 32dbi Yagi WiFi Antenna that picks up free wifi signals 12 miles away, buy one now!


Iconoclast Radio – Joe From Florida State University

  • Joe In Florida riding shotgun and telling his experience with Alex Jones, Ted Anderson & The Jewish Prepareyourfamily.com that went bankrupt after suckering Joe and many other GCN (Garbage Can Network) Listeners.
  • Should you buy gold, How Ted Anderson Rips off and over charges the people who have come to trust Alex Jones and himself.
  • The other precious Metal: Lead
  • Cults, Evolution and Theories
  • Alex Jones is using NLP
  • The Jewish envolvement in the Moon Landing hoax and Alex Jones
  • The Real HIV / AIDS Conspiracy and the Jew Dr. Len Horowitz Exposed
  • Joe Rogans and Stanton Levy
  • Joes experience with Peter Kawaja, the guy who exposed Gulf War Syndrome.
  • Sofia Shafquat of 911 Mysteries is a nut
  • College and Pharmacutical Drugs & Much More.


Iconoclast Radio – Interviews Eric Hufschmid of HugeQuestions.org

  • Where is Christopher Bollyn
  • Lets Talk Torah, Talmud, and Gods Chosen Racists
  • The Z Phone Tap on a Jewish Family
  • Alex Jones is also covered
  • Anthony Hilder & Dick “Uncle Tom” Gregory


Iconoclast Radio interviews Bonny Lange of The Truth Seeker Company

  • Talks about Jon Rappoports work from the past to the present.
  • The H1N1 and other Vaccines. The mind control fear based programing to encourage the dumb mases in a Jim Jones vaccine suicide dry runs that will lead one day to the mega hotshot.
  • Talks about Illuminati Bloodline vs Illuminati Philosophy to Present.
  • David Griffin and how David Icke got his Big Break in America
  • Jordan Maxwell: Pathological Liar, Con artist, Kid Napper, Couch Surfer, Jehovah Witness, Convicted Criminal, Manley P. Halls (Pupil to externalize the Hyarchy) & some say the Young Gay Jehovah Witness lover of Manley, sodemized to gain Power.
  • Anthony J. Hilders Home Phone Number 310-395-0429 for researchers and show hosts.
  • The new journals by Bonny Lange dealing with Thomas Paine and future of America.
  • The Crimes of Russell Pine aka Jordan Maxwell are covered. Also how Jordan Maxwell was fined over $440,000.00 for selling fake driving permits, Scaming his trusting cult members with fake debt Termination Programs, and many other scams.
  • Yahoo Chat Room: Politics Lobby #6 (The best Political chat you are going to find on the net)
  • Anti-Semitism, Lets Talk About It.
  • Palantir Technology – The Israeli Company that is Spying on the world. (Spying On The Goy)
  • What you need to know before you think about going in debt on a house.

Iconoclast Radio interviews John Kandrac entrepreneur and friend from Florida

Topics Covered:

 Businesses owned by people in America that are not giving customers their correct change and other bad business.

  • Pain Pill Epidemic In Paradise: It’s about south Florida and the major pharmacutical drug problem
  • 1 out of 3 people between 18 – 25 are addicted to prescription pain pills.
  • Scams doctors are using that involves drug addict and pharmacies.
  • 30,000 people in 6 months died in South Florida from Pain Pills


Iconoclast Radio interviews Mike Delaney of Prothink.com

This interview is with Mike Delaney, Quest, Hayden, and a couple others for prothink.com.

  • They do a bad job with mostly good information.
  • I have to say they are cult members with no answer and I prove that in the interveiw without even trying very hard.
  • I would like your feed back on how I can improve the show.
  • Mike and the other guys respond to the question of weather they are Racist.
  • What the guy’s think of Alex Jones and Garbage Can Network.
  • Iconoclast gets into an argument with the guy’s weather Alex Jones is a Liar or just a line towing Goy.
  • Mike Delaney tells why Alex Jones cursed him out on the radio.


Iconoclast Radio interviews Peter Ekberg

  • ChemTrail: The Video Produced and directed by Peter Ekberg
  • Peter Ekberg: Host of the “Free American Show and helped Clay Douglas found The Free American Magazine.
  • He has a Historical Library of Documentaries and Lectures with over 3000 titles.
  • Peter Ekberg goes over his experience With Clay Douglas and the ChemTrail Documentary Agreement.
  • Peter Talks on the End Time, Armegedon, Mayan 2012
  • I tell how Clay Douglas sold me bad quality bootlegs instead of the real videos.
  • The Moon Hoax: Moon Rocks & Mars Rocks and the stupid people who can’t get it through their thick skulls that nasa and the Jews have never put a man on the moon.
  • Nasa’s bombing of the moon.
  • Jeff Rense, The Holocaust, Ernbst Zundel and the Red Flag


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