Survival in the 21st Century

You will have to know the essentials and prepare immediately.


Water Purifier better and cheaper than a Berkey

With two thirds of the earth’s surface covered by water and the human body consisting of 75 percent of it, it is evidently clear that water is one of the prime elements responsible for life on earth. In the body, it regulates the activities of fluids, tissues, cells, lymph, blood and glandular secretions.
An average adult body contains 42 litres of water and with just a small loss of 2.7 litres he or she can suffer from dehydration, displaying symptoms of irritability, fatigue, nervousness, dizziness, weakness, headaches and consequently reach a state of pathology. Dehydration can causes symptoms that equal disease, especially if the water is not pure, and if you’ve had too much Fluoride this page will not make any sense to you.


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The real advantage over sleeping in a tent is mobility: you can pitch camp just about anywhere below treeline. You can pitch a hammocks a couple feet off the ground or even high in the treeline. This is extremely handy if you want to avoid crowds and camp in solitude. If you are between shelters, or going cross country and need to stop on the side of the road for the evening. A hammock also has very low impact and creates a stealth camping site, since you won’t compress the forest duff in the same way that pitching a tent or tarp does.

Sleeping in a hammock is much more comfortable than sleeping on a sleeping pad. That’s why a hammock is always my preferred shelter in certain places like the Pennsylvania Mountains or the Caribbean Islands. Hammocks are far more scenic since you can pitch it between two trees on steep slopes overlooking a fabulous sunset or beside a remote beach and sleep listening to the ocean waves.

If you get a hammock, you should be comfortable the first night sleeping in it. That first night however you might want to take a Benedryl to help you get drowsy and settle in. In very hot weather make sure you orient your hammock to take advantage of cool breezes. Also it’s a good idea to make sure the hammock has a mosquito net and ridgeline, which has a little pocket where you can store your glasses or an LED light for easy access during the night. All the rest of your gear is outside of the hammock. I hang my backpack on the nearby tree and cover it with my backpack cover in case it rains. If my boots are wet, I hang them from the ridgeline outside my hammock but still under the rain fly.

One of the greatest benefits of a hammock over a tent is shelter from rain, especially heavy rain. I can remember camping in the mountains of Jamaica with my cousin, it rained for days. We hung out in our hammocks nice and dry above the muck and puddles.

Sleeping is very comfortable, but in a fairly narrow temperature range between 55 and 75 degrees. Anything Below that you will need to have a Sleeping bag to slide into. If you sleep on your back you will be in heaven. There is also the added benefit that your feet will be above the plain of your body, letting the blood drain at night, reducing swelling and fatigue.

In the future you may not be able to depend on having electricity let alone a home to live in unless you own your home. Many people always say that they own their home. They are truly living in the matrix. Most of America lives their entire life up to nose in credit, barely able to breath , and wants to blame this problem on illegal immigration, or some other excuse. So since they do not own the property, because it is never completely paid for, the property is repossessed by the banks. Not only that, most people don’t have the expertise, time, green thumb, or property to do organic farming on the scale to feed themselves or there family in the inner city or suburbs. That’s why I always say on my radio program that my listeners need to “come out of her”. To be prepare in a way that is practical. All real survivalist know that one can only depend on what one can carry on your person. So my survival & disaster preparedness is base on that intelligent design.

I will add this next paragraph for someone that may have found themselves starring as the Running Man. If for some reason you find yourself being hunted that will no doubt be proceeded by an intelligence Dossier of a psychological profile that will be based on your geographic patterns, known internet and psychical interests. Your hunters will rely on you being a creature of habit, so with that in mind you must be a creature of instincts, intelligence, and mental flex. With your realization that you’ve been listening to fear mongering psy-ops of mass shilling paranoid radio, your over sensitivity has left you with perfect paranoia, which is perfect Awareness, your cloak of protection.

Food, water and shelter is man’s basic needs. Without the luxury of electricity which is not guaranteed in a domed economy we will start from that point. You will have to make your way to rivers, oceans or lakes. The easiest food that is able to be caught is fish. You will have no way to store food without it going bad in a couple days, so you will have to catch more every couple days. Now on the other hand if you have an alternative power supply and are able to power a fridge in a small camper, or a freezer in a cabin that you can store your food you can stock a food supply,.

What you don’t want in an economic collapse is something a kin to the California gold rush, where everybody and their mother are now posting up near your encampment. This will lead to extreme actions of all type’s, so make sure you don’t find some place so obvious. Remember you want to “Come out of her”. Most of these people are mentally ill, materialist, and in most cases following your lead. Their whole life they have been looking for a savior, or a nanny. With that said you want to live and survive by stealth. That means you don’t want to use a gun unless you have to. It’s easy to pin point the direction of fire with the report of a fire arm. That can lead to curious individuals coming to investigate which can lead to theft of your belongings or worst. Which will result in extreme encounters. So if you have the means to store big game hunt by cross bow, defend by cross bow.

Now if you are more adventurous and want to migrate close to the equator, or was smart enough to leave the country long before the collapse, below are things that you will need and fits the “only what you can carry” concept.


hand-reel1Cuban Yo-yo Hand Redel Rigged



6′ Breakdown Travel Spearpole


31” Magnum Double sling Speargun


Quality Hand Held Ham Radio’s

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The Solar Charger:

Has a DC output which can be adjusted on 16V, 19V or 21V. 2 USB Ports for laptops & offers more possibilities to charge various end devices.




The perfect method of transportation with or without a Motor, the para-glider is the cheapest most effective form of transportation over any kind of terrain. Reaching heights of over 9,000 ft, and traveling 250 miles on one tank. There are two person rigs, but it is illegal in the USA to fly tandem. A motorized Para-glider is the easiest and cheapest way to travel the globe. Also you don’t have to worry, or concern yourself with weather you are on a no fly list.

From Florida you can island hop to the Bahamas, and all throughout the Caribbean and west indies. Besides being extremely cheap it is a very safe way to travel all throughout North and South America. Below are examples of both options of paragliding. You do not need a license to fly a para-glider or ultra-light.

Example of used paragliders under a $1,000