Jonestown Jews Killed 911 Blacks

The Layton & Moore Family Connection

The Layton family is a jewish family with ties to working with the government for many generations.

I think that this family and the people surrounding them are the best place to start a real investigation into Jonestown.

Please watch my video’s and threads to show you why.


Jewish Elite Temple Member Mike Prokes:

Temple PR Secretary, said to have shot himself. Wrote that he was contacted in 1972 by a man while working as a television reporter, claiming to work for the government, who offered Prokes $200 a week (around $1,000 a week now) to infiltrate the temple as a staff member and file reports.

In late 1974 Mike Prokes married Jim Jones ‘s mistress, Carolyn Layton, so they could give the kid a father other than Jim Jones in the public eye, and legitimize her son with jones, jim jon, with out the “E” aka Kimo which is a Israeli form of poetry, was born in January 1975.


Jewish Elite Temple Member Tim Stoen:

People Temple Legal Counsel, Now he’s Assistant District Attorney sending people away to prison everyday. He is from Littleton, Colorado, with a large jewish population, and is known for the Columbine Shooting which also still needs looking into.


Jewish Temple Lawyer Mark Lane:

He started off in army intelligence in the 1940’s. He loves to play the jewish lawyer fighting for justice. So after the JFK Assassination he hounded a deputy Sheriff by the name of Roger Craig who was a credible witness to be his attorney till one day Craig turned up dead.

Since then he owns an runs companies from behind the scenes like “American Free Press” & “Liberty Lobby” which is own by shell companies. The Company that issues the pay checks for the AFP employees is called ” The Committee to Expose Bunk”.

michael-collins-piper-sugar-in-tank-shill_Michael Collins Piper

Michael Collins Piper a Shill like Alex Jones with a luke warm anti semitic radio show, and writer for Lanes “AFP” news paper that loves to have shills like David Duke on is one that has authority to signs the checks for Lanes shell companies. Think about this. A jew who lets a person labeled a Anti-Semite sign his company checks. lol


Richard & Claire Janaro

What the jewish media mis-labled the white elite of Jonestown was really the Jewish communist elite of Jonestown.
Claire and her husband like all the founding jewish elites of what was known as The people Temple / Jonestown were part of a Marxist Communist world plot conspiracy.

eugene-chaikinEugene Chaikins

Claire Janaro, introduced Gene and Phyllis Chaikins to Jim Jones. Phyillis Chaikins is the communist jew that administered the cyanide to the babies at Jonestown.


Jewish Brothers Tim and Mike Carter and with fellow jew Mike Prokes.

In the video below jews Tim and Mike Carter, and Mike Prokes. Did not intend to get caught. The suitcases in question contained cash – over $900,000 in US currency and over $135,000 in Guyanese currency. The suit cases also contained thousands of dollars in jewelry of all of the dead cult members.


Ruletta Paul and Michelle Wagner

Ruletta Paul and Michelle Wagner according to eyewitness reports were the first two to take the potion, and gave their infant children a dose of the poison before taking their own.

There story is rationalized below by the official story documentary consultant another jew Rebecca Moore who uses a world war II story that jews are notorious for when trying to draw sympathy to their arguments to make people feel guilty for thinking.

“The two women’s story is not so different from two women in Poland during World War II who drowned their babies and themselves, along with hundreds of their community, so they would not be taken to the concentration camps. An eyewitness account reads: “On June 23, 1944 Chaja Kubrzanska, twenty-eight years old, and Basia Binsztajn, twenty-six years old, both holding newborn babes, when they saw what was going on, they ran down to the pond, in order to drown themselves with their children.”

The Death of Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk

Mayor George Moscone’s was the former Housing Authority chairman who appointed Jim Jones.
Low ranking up and coming politicians valued Jones because he could reliably turn out pool of precinct canvassers, and High ranking jews in politics used him as the means to bring about the anti guns communist dream that would be the enslaving of the globe.
Jones was given the states mentally ill from state ran Mental Hospitals and drug addicts off the street to build a CIA communist Jew controlled cult. They would use mind control and addictive drugs and would torture dissidents by psysical abuse or use cult members to stalk and harass ex members.
Moscone, along with Supervisor Harvey Milk, were about to blow the lid off the CIA mind control experiments. The wholesale cover-up of Moscone’s doomed inquiries into the CIA/Jonestown connection was far reaching. That’s why he had to be murdered by Dan White.
Since San Francisco has a big Homosexual population and they have been discriminated against, they knew that saying Dan White hated gays and that was the reason he killed the the two men would be the only talking point that would be focused on even though Mayor Moscone was not gay and was about to expose the jonestown/CIA connections

Who is Dan White?
Dan White trained at Fort Bragg, NC; which is the nation’s leading research center for psychological warfare. Also the place where The book/Movie “The Men Who Stare At Goats” is based off of. It examines the use of the theme tune to Barney & Friends on Iraqi prisoners-of-war, the smuggling of a hundred de-bleated goats into the Special Forces command center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and the connection between the U.S. military and the mass-suicide of members of the Heaven’s Gate cult in San Diego. Dan White is also an Ex police officer.
Diane Feinstein was the last person White ever talked to before the shootings began. Whether or not her last words to Dan White before the shooting were a trigger mechanism, witting or unwitting, is open to speculation for those familiar with the intricacies of hypnoconditioning and mind control.

Moscone’s successor, now Sen. Dianne Feinstein who is jewish; was among the first to dismiss CIA complicity in the experiment. Sadly, Feinstein was the first to cynically capitalize on the murders of Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone by using news footage of their killings in her campaign commercials and crusade for gun control. hmm…..

Joseph Holsinger speaking: Legal Aid To Congress Leo Ryan

John Judge speaking at a Jonestown Press conference about the “911” blacks killed and robbed by communist jews.

The Book Jonestown